Annuaire du corps professoral

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Doctorat en Geographie Humaine / PhD in Human Geography
Loughborough University, United Kingdom
LLM en Droit et Sciences Economiques / LLM in Law and Economics
Stockholms Universitet, Sweden
Master Européen en Droit et Economie / European Master in Law and Economics
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Universität Hamburg, Germany & Linköpings Universitet, Sweden
Master en Management Urbain / MA in Urban Management
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Holland / Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi Milan, Italy


Thèmes de recherche / Research interests

Relations Asie-Europe, Dialogue EU-Chine / Asia-Europe relations, EU-China dialogues
Centres urbains dans la globalisation, Migrations internationales, Mobilité étudiante / Global Cities, International Migration, Student Mobility
Comportement du consommateur chinois et asiatique, Produits de luxe et de mode / Consumer behaviour in China and Asia, Fashion and Luxury Business

Cours enseignés / Teaching interests

Shanghai Interdisciplinary Field Research
Chinese Economy and Society
China in the World (International Relations of China)
Luxury Products Market in China / Asia


Articles dans des revues académiques / Papers published in refereed journals

LIU X., DERUDDER B., LIU Y., WITLOX F. and SHEN W. (2013), A stochastic actor-based modelling of the evolution of an intercity corporate network, Environment and Planning A (CNRS rang 2), 45, 4, pp. 947-966.
DERUDDER B., TAYLOR P.J., NI P., SHEN W. et al. (2010), Pathways of change: shifting connectivities in the world city network 2000-2008, Urban Studies (CNRS rang 2), Vol. 47, N°9, pp. 1861-1877.
SHEN W. (2010), China in the global migration order: historical perspectives and new trends, Asia Europe Journal, Vol. 8, N° 1, pp. 25-43.
XIANG SHEN W. (2009), International Student migration and Social Stratification in China, International Journal of Educational Development, Vol. 29, N° 5, pp. 513-522.
TAYLOR P J, NI P, SHEN W. et al (2009), « The way we were: command-and-control centres in the global space-economy on the eve of the 2008 geo-economic transition » Environment and Planning A, 41(1) 7 – 12
SHEN, W. (2005), A study on Chinese student migration in the United Kingdom in Asia Europe Journal, Volume 3, Number 3, October, 2005, Springer, Heidelberg, pp 283-296
SHEN, W. (2004), A Comparative Study on Corporate Sponsorships in Asia and Europe, Asia Europe Journal, Volume 2, Issue 2, Springer: Heidelberg, pp 429-432

Articles dans des revues professionnelles ou d’information / Papers published in other journals

SHEN W., SCHAFER M., LOESEKRUG-PIETRI A. (2015) Plein Feux Chine-Europe, Routes de la soie, les nouveaux outils de la stratégie chinoise, CCE International, n°581, août-septembre.
SHEN, W. (2011), Combien de personnes vivent en Chine?, Le, 17 Mai.
SHEN, W. (2011), Investment in young athletes paying off for China, China Daily (European Weekly), 17 June.
SHEN, W. (2011), Li Na, superstar « made in China », Le, 21 Juin.
SHEN W. (2010), La Chine a peur d’une surchauffe de son économie (interview), Metro France, 8 Juin 2010.
SHEN W. et SONNTAG A., (2009), Confiance ! Le message rassurant des dirigeants chinois (Confidence ! A message from the People’s Hall in Beijing), Lettre du Centre Asie N° 42, Institut Français des Relations Internationales.
SHEN W. (2009), Le Monde vu de Chine, Le Monde, L’Atlas des Civilisations, octobre, pp. 142.
LE BAIL H., SHEN W. (2008), Le retour des “cerveaux” en Chine : quel impact socio-politique ?, Asie.Visions n°11, Institut français des relations internationales : Paris / LE BAIL H., SHEN W. (2008), The Return of the “Brains” to China: What are the Social, Economic, and Political Impacts? Asie.Visions n°11, French Institute of International Relations : Paris
SHEN, W (2008), Coming to Europe – New Policies aim to improve international scientists’ mobility into and within Europe, Science Careers, from Science Journal (AAAS): _a0800072
SHEN, W. (2006), Briefing Note on Chinese Students in UK, for House of Commons / UK Parliament – Immigration and Home Affairs Committee Inquiry, House of Commons, London, 2006 & online
SHEN, W. (2006), Interview on Chinese Migration for The Independent, 1st October 2006
SHEN, W. (2005), Interview for China Daily – EU-China educational co-op enhanced, 5th September 2005: see online
SHEN, W. (2005), Interview for EU-China News – ‘Faces in Focus – Brains Abroad’, Delegation of the European Commission to China, Beijing

Autres types de contribution (interviews, notes de lecture)

SHEN W. (2014) 50e anniversaire des relations diplomatiques entre  la France et la Chine – un commentaire sur les relations bilatérales sur China Daily:
SHEN W. (2011), EU and China: Partners in Crisis?, EU-Asia Centre,
SHEN W. (2011), Time to talk harmoniously, China Daily, Nov. 1, p. 8.
SHEN W. (2011), La Chine est désormais plus réaliste à propos de l’Union européenne, Toute l’Europe, 2 novembre,
SHEN W. (2011), Note de lecture sur Attila Marjan, The Middle of The Map: Geopolitics of Perceptions, John Harper Publishing, 2011, London, in EU-China Observer, N° 5, College of Europe, Bruges.
SHEN W. (2011), Juppe urges support for G20 (interview), China Daily, 14 septembre.
SHEN W. (2011), Sarkozy has a lot to gain from China (interview), China Daily, 17 septembre.
SHEN W. (2011), Sarkozy to make quick stopover in China for chat with Hu Jintao, China Daily, 23 août 2011.

Cahiers de recherche / Working paper

SHEN W. and XIANG, B. (2009), International student migration and social stratification in China, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) Working Paper, WP-09-70, University of Oxford.
SHEN W. (2008), Made in France? Chinese Student Return Migration from French Business Schools, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Working Papers, MIREM-AR 2008/06, European University Institute: Florence
SHEN W. (2008), In the Mood for Multilateralism? China’s Evolving Global View, Institut Français des Relations Internationales (IFRI), Working Paper, July

Ouvrages ou chapitres d’ouvrages / Books or chapters in books

SNYDER F., SONNTAG A. and SHEN W. (2012), The “visible hands”: European and global perspectives on financial market regulation and economic governance, Bruylant, 540 p.
TAYLOR, P., NI, P.F., SHEN W. et al. (2010), Command and control centres in the world economy, in Taylor P. et al. (ed.), Global Urban Analysis : A Survey of Cities in Globalization, Earthscan: London and Washington, pp. 17-22.
EVANS J. and SHEN W. (ed.) [2010], Youth employment and the future of work, Editions du Conseil de l’Europe, Strasbourg, p. 225.
SHEN W. (2009), Fortress Europe’ or ‘Safe Heaven’?: A Law and Economics Analysis of Europeanisation of Migration Policy in Europe, in Migration Law: Theory and Practice, edited by LIU Guofu, China Law Press, pp. 472-485.
SHEN W. (2008), Chinese Student Migration in Europe : A Migration That Nobody Objects To?, in Migrants and Markets – Perspectives from Economics and the Other Social Sciences, ed. H. Kolb and H. Egbert, Amsterdam University Press, chapitre 8, pp. 147-167.
SHEN, W. (2008) and EVANS, J. (eds), Youth Employment and the Future of Work, Council of Europe: Strasbourg
SHEN, W. (2008), Chinese Student Migration in Europe: A Migration that Nobody Objects to?, in IMISCOE International Migration Research Series, edited by Holger Kolb and Henrik Egbert, Amsterdam University Press
SHEN, W. (2008), Chinese Student Return Migration from French Business Schools, in Contemporary Challenges in Return Migration in Theory and Practice, edited by Jean-Pierre Cassarino, European University Institute, Florence
SHEN, W. (2007), International Student Migration: The Case of Chinese ‘Sea-turtles’, in World Yearbook of Education 2008 Geographies of Knowledge, Geometries of Power: Framing the Future of Higher Education, edited by Debbie Epstein, Rebecca Boden, Rosemary Deem, Fazal Rizvi and Susan Wright, Routledge NY, pp 211-231
SHEN, W. (2005), Corporate Sponsorships in Asia and Europe, in Corporate Globalisation, business cultures in Asia and Europe, edited by Albrecht Rothacher, Marshall Cavendish Academic: London and Singapore, pp 306-320

Interviews / Interview

SHEN, W. (2008), Chercheurs mobiles, chercheurs heureux (interview/report), Ouest France, 21 Novembre 2008: see online
SHEN W. (2008), Model ASEM Kicks Off – Spotlighting « Vision and Action » (interview), Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily (China), 26 september 2008
SHEN W. (2008), Focus on Beijing: Young Faces for Asia-Europe Meeting (interview in Chinese), China University Media Union and China Youth Daily, 26 september 2008
SHEN W. (2008), Matière grise, la nouvelle révolution chinoise: collective beliefs engender their own realisation (interview), Le Monde 2, 28 septembre 2008.

Actes de colloques / Conference proceedings

SHEN W. (2012), People-to-People exchange in regional integration: EU & Greater China areas compared, UACES Annual Conference, 3-5 September, Passau, Germany
SHEN W. (2011), To leave or not to leave? – Dilemmas of Chinese students abroad before and after financial crisis, International Metropolis Conference, 13-16 September 2011, Azores, Portugal
SHEN, W. (2011), Integration by Exchange – A Comparative Review on the role of educational mobility in the European Union and Cross-strait relations, EU Centre in Taiwan and Chatham House, The Relevance of the EU Experience in Conflict Transformation for the Taiwan Strait, 8-9 September 2011, London, United Kingdom.
SHEN, W. (2011), In and Out of China: Changing Dynamics of Student Migration, International Conference on Visions and Perspectives: Global Studies in the 21st century, 27-29 May, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China
SHEN, W. (2011), Trends of Student Mobility in Asia and Europe and the Impact of Financial Crisis (in Chinese), International Conference on “Standardizing Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools, Exercising Administration According to Law and Promoting Sustainable Development, 20-21 June, Xiamen, China.
SHEN W. (2011), Going out and coming back: China’s changing role in the international migration of talents, Association of Asian Studies and International Convention of Asia Scholars Joint Conference, 31 March – 3 April 2011, Honolulu, USA.
SHEN W. (2011), China’s little Arabia: A study of the impact of Arab migration to the Chinese city of Yiwu, International Symposium on A Sense of Place: Arab World Diasporas and Migrations, Georgetown University, 21-22 March 2011, Washington D.C., USA.
SHEN W. (2010), Human face of urban competitiveness, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Forum & the 9th International Forum on Urban Competitiveness, CASS and Municipal Government of Nanjing, 24-25 June, Nanjing, China.
SHEN W. (2010), Learning to compete? The rise of China in International education and global war for talents, Lentecyclus Forum, Académie Royale des Sciences et des Arts de Belgique, 26 May, Brussels, Belgium.
SHEN W. (2010), International student mobility in the wake of global financial crisis, The cases of Asia and Europe, 1st Asia-Europe Education Workshop: Impact of the Financial Crisis to Higher Education, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and Asian Institute of Management (AIM), AIM Manila, 25-26 March, Makati City, Philippines.
SHEN W. (2010), Part 2 – Migration challenges, in HWEE, L. Y. (ed.), Conference Report on Networked Regionalism versus Institutional Regionalism: Managing Complexities in Regional Cooperation and Global Governance, EU Centre, Singapore.
SHEN W. (2009), Migration- Challenges and Opportunities: Asian Perspective, 15th ASEF University Migration and Multi-Cultural Societies, Asia-Europe Foundation and Wanju University, 1 July 2009, Wanju, South Korea.
SHEN W. (2009), From Brain Drain to Brain Gain: How China is Benefiting from International Student Migration, 4th International Academic Conference on Overseas Talents and Chinese Development, Central China Normal University, 27-29 June 2009, Wuhan, China.
SHEN W. (2009), Gaining or Losing the Brightest? – Student Migration between China and Europe, International Conference on Europe’s China Strategy? Developments and Dilemmas, Centre for East Asian Studies, 13-14 May 2009, University of Bristol, UK.
SHEN W. (2008), Globalizing Shanghai: International Migration and Cosmopolitan Megopolis, UNU-WIDER Project Workshop on Beyond the Tipping Point: Asian Development in an Urban World, United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research, Kolkata, India, 15-17 December 2008.
SHEN W. (2008), Chinese Student Migration between Shanghai and Paris, Marie Curie/WUN Research Summer School on China, Europe and World, 14-18 July, Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK.
SHEN W. (2008), China’s Overseas Talents: Living in Paris, Thinking of Shanghai, IMISCOE A2 Conference on Migrant Diasporas and Decentralized Development, University of Sussex and Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, 29-30 Mai 2008, Rotterdam, Pays-Bas.
SHEN W. (2008), Transnational Student Migrants in Globalizing Cities, IMISCOE Conference on Diaspora and Transnationalism, 10-11 avril 2008, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
SHEN W. (2008), In the Mood for Multilateralism? – China’s Evolving Global View, ifri, CAP/French Ministry of Foreign Affairs & IHEID Geneva Joint Conference on China a New player in the Multilateral System, 18 April 2008, institut français des relations internationales, Paris, France
SHEN W. (2007), Sea-turtles in Shanghai, International Conference on ‘In and Out of Asia: Migrating Talent, Globalising Cities, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Singapore
SHEN, W. (2007), Transnationalism from below? Chinese student migration between EU and China, CONNEX European Research Colloquy – Transnationalization of States, Economies & Civil Societies Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw (2007), Central European University (2007), Budapest, PhD Training schools organised by Twente University & European University Institute
SHEN, W. (2007), European Migration Policies and China, Labour Mobility and Social Protection in Englarged Europe, Centre for European Studies, School of Economics Fudan University, Shanghai, China
SHEN W. (2007), Chinese Student Migration in the Globalizing World, International Migration, Multi-local Livelihoods and Human Security conference, Institute of Social Studies / International Institute of Asian Studies, Leiden University, The Hague, the Netherlands
SHEN, W. (2007), More than cash-cows. Issues and policy responses for managing Chinese student migration in the UK, Immigrant Access to Education workshop, IMISCOE Network, Centro de Estudos Geográficos, Universidade Lisboa, Portugal
SHEN, W. (2007), Guest Lecture on Metropolitan Studies, Free University of Berlin, Germany
SHEN, W. (2007), Chinese Students as FDI in UK Higher Education, FDI-led Innovation, Transfer and Dissemination of Knowledge Workshop, GARNET Network, University of Oslo, Norway
SHEN, W. (2007), Chinese Student Migration: Issues for Local and National Economy in UK, Kent County Council China Strategy, British Inter-university China Centre & Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Oxford, UK
SHEN, W. (2007), Doing Research and Fieldwork in China – Case of studying Shanghai as a global city, Globalization, World Cities and China, postgraduate workshop, Department of Geography, Loughborough University, UK (organiser)
SHEN, W. (2006), Invited Discussant, Fifth International Workshop for Young Scholars (5th WISH/RIJC) – EU, China and India, CERIC / Université Paul Cézanne (Aix-Marseille III) and the College of Europe Natolin, Aix-en-Provence, FR
SHEN, W. (2006), A Study on Chinese Student Migration in the United Kingdom, IMISCOE/INFER Workshop – Work, Entrepreneurship & Economic Integration – Migration Research in Economics & other Social Sciences, 2006, Universität Osnabrück, Germany
SHEN W. (2006), Shanghai as a Global City, Urban Development and Planning in China: China Planning Network (CPN) 3rd Annual Conference, Ministry of Construction / MIT, Beijing, China
SHEN W. (2005), A Study on Chinese Students in Europe, 7ème Conférence biennale de l’Association d’Etudes sur la Communauté Européenne (AECE) – Multiculturalism, Migration and Political Community, University of Victoria, Canada
SHEN W. (2005), One or Several Migration Policy in EU – A Law and Economics Analysis, Europäisches Migrationszentrum, Marie Curie Conference European Research Forum on Migration and Ethnic Relations (EUROFOR) Multi-Level Governance of Immigration Flows, Athens, Greece
SHEN, W. (2005), Shanghai as a Global City, Wessex Human Geography Research Students Training, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, UK
SHEN W. (2004), More Than Cashcows, Comparative Study of Chinese Student Migration, Marie Curie Conference, European & National Management of Immigration Flows, Florence, Italy

Journées d’études ou de recherche / Research worksops or seminars

SHEN W. (2011), Discussant Report on Multilateral Forums: G2, G3, G20?, International Conference on the EU, the US and China: towards a New International Order?, InBev-Baillet Latour Chair of European Union-China Relations, 22-23 April 2011, Bruges, Belgium.

Autres conférences / Other conferences

SHEN W. (2011), Trends of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Europe: Reflections of Euro-China Investment Report 2011-2012, Antwerp Forum, 22-23 November, Antwerp, Belgium.
SHEN W. (2006), Migrating students, globalizing education : China in the global race for talents, Our Common Future Congress, Volkswagen Foundation and Mercator Foundation, 2-6 November, Hannover and Essen, Germany.
SHEN, W. (2008), « Auberge d’Europe » – Academic Mobility in the eyes of a foreign researcher, Européenne Jeunes chercheurs en Europe conference de la Présidence Française à l’Union, Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la recherche, 20-21 Novembre 2008, Rennes, France
SHEN, W. (2007), Europe-China Academic Network Annual Conference, Brussels, Belgium
SHEN, W. (2007), German EU Presidency Event on European Researchers of Tomorrow – Crossing the Borders of Academia and Industry, Stuttgart, Germany
SHEN, W. (2006), Garnet PhD School, EU and Global Governance: the Interplay between Globalisation and the European Socio-Economic Models; Is the Lisbon Strategy the Right Answer?, Institut d’études européennes, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
SHEN, W. (2006), ESRC Seminars 2006/07-Gender, Work and Life in the New Global Economy, LSE, UK
Geographies of Knowledge/Geometries of Power: Global Higher Education in the 21st Ct, Wales
SHEN, W. (2005), The Politics of Economics and Trade, Salzburg Seminar, Salzburg, Austria
SHEN, W. (2005), Migration Training workshops for Postgraduates, COMPAS, University of Oxford, UK
SHEN, W. (2004), Francqui Colloquium: Inter-City Relations, Gent University, Belgium
SHEN, W. (2003), Asia-Europe Foundation (summer) University – The Future of International Order Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation, University of Warwick, UK


Affiliations professionnelles / Professional affiliations

Président de l’ASEFUAN (Asia-Europe Foundation University Alumni Network)
Membre de l’UACES (University Association for Contemporary European Studies)
Membre de l’AAG (American Association of Geographers)
Membre de l’UNA (United Nations Association)
Membre de l’EC-AN (Europe China Academic Network)
Chair, Youth Across Frontiers (Europe, Youth & You)
Board of Trustee, Charnwood Borough Racial Equality Council, Loughborough,
UK (2004-2008)


Expérience dans l’enseignement supérieur / Academic experience

Professeur Affaires Internationales / Professor International Affairs and Business (> 2008)
Research Fellow, Centre Asie, Institut Français des Relations Internationales (ifri), Paris (> 2008)
GaWC Public Relations Associate, Globalization and World Cities Study Group & Network (2004-)
Expert – Council of Europe / European Commission Partnership in the Youth Field (2007)
European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy, European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, France
Research Assistant, Institute for Chinese Studies, University of Oxford, UK (2007)
Research Consultant Sino-Europe Comparative Urban Research Centre
(SECUR), Shanghai Normal
University, Shanghai, China (2006-)
Research Assistant, Department of Geography, Loughborough University, UK (2004)
Public Affairs Assistant, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Singapore (2004)
Trainees at United Nations (IFAD Rome), UNESCO (UIE Hamburg), International Organisation for Migration (IOM Geneva) (2002-2003)
Office Administrator – Mailman China (Sino-Australian postcards advertising), Shanghai, China (1999)

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