Annuaire du corps professoral

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Doctorat en Science Politique / PhD in Political Science
Free University Berlin
Master en Relations Internationales de l’Emploi et Gestion Ressources Humaines / Master of Science in International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management
London School of Economics and Political Science


Cours enseignés / Teaching interests

Relations Internationales (Chine-UE) / International Relations (focus on China-EU)
Relations de l’Emploi / Employment Relations
Gestion interculturelle / Intercultural Management


Articles dans des revues académiques / Papers published in refereed journals

AUSTERMANN F. (2012), Towards One Voice in Beijing? The Role of the EU’s Diplomatic Representation in China Over Time, Journal of European Integration History, Special Issue on EU-China Relations, June, pp.83-102.
AUSTERMANN F. (2011), Political Theory versus Diplomatic Practice: Bridging the Sovereignty-Gap of EU-China Relations, EU External Affairs Review, July 2011, pp. 37-59.
AUSTERMANN F. (2007), Towards Generational Justice on the European Labour Market, Maastricht European Studies Papers, May.

Ouvrages ou chapitres d’ouvrages / Books or chapters in books

AUSTERMANN F. 2014. European Union Delegations in EU Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic Service of Different Speeds. The European Union in International Affairs Series. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.
AUSTERMANN F. Anastas Vangeli und Xiaoguang Wang. 2013. China and Europe in 21st Century Global Politics: Partnership, Competition or Co-Evolution. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
AUSTERMANN F. 2013. “Economic Dwarf, Political Giant? China-EU Relations in Light of the Euro-Crisis.” In The European Sovereign Debt Crisis and EU-China Relations (in Chinese: 欧债危机与中欧关系), Editors: Lihua Zhang and Jan van der Harst, 80-97. Beijing: Intellectual Property Publishing House.
AUSTERMANN F. 2012. “Mit Struktur Zum Doktortitel? Promovieren an Graduiertenschulen.” In : Gut Beraten Durch Die Promotion. Best Practice Für Promovierende, Editor: Stephan Peters, 35–42. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler.
AUSTERMANN F. (2012), Towards a ‘Unitary Actor?’ Perceptions of China’s Role in Africa Across EU Institutions, In: van der Harst, Jan and Pieter C.M. Swieringa (Eds.): China and the EU: Concord or Conflict? Maastricht: Shaker Publishing, 2012, pp. 13-35.
AUSTERMANN F. 2010. “The European Model of CSR and Labour Standards in China.” In Prospects and Challenges for EU-China Relations in the 21st Century. The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, Editors: Jing Men und Giuseppe Balducci, 81–102. Brussels: P.I.E. Peter Lang.
AUSTERMANN F. and BRANKO W.. 2010. “Generation P – Von Luft Und Wissen Leben.” In Zwischen Prekarisierung Und Protest. Die Lebenslagen Und Generationenbilder von Jugendlichen in Ost Und West, Editors: Michael Busch, Jan Jeskow and Rüdiger Stutz, 275–304. Bielefeld: Transcript.

Actes de colloques / Conference proceedings

AUSTERMANN F. 11.05.2013. “Playing the Brussels Game Abroad: The Role of Coordination Groups of European Diplomats in Third Countries.” Baltimore, USA, European Union Studies Association Conference, 2013.
AUSTERMANN F. 11.05.2013. “The European Union’s Actorness towards China: Declining Economic Player, Rising Political Player?” Baltimore, USA, , European Union Studies Association Conference, 2013.
AUSTERMANN F. (2012), Economic Dwarf, Political Giant? Post-Lisbon EU Diplomacy towards China in Light of the Eurocrisis, Tsinghua-Groningen Symposium on China-EU Relations and the European Sovereign Debt Crisis, 20 October, Beijing
AUSTERMANN F. (2012), The Role of the EU’s Diplomatic Representation in Beijing over Time , First Workshop of the Graduate School of Global Politics: “China and Europe in 21st Century Global Politics: Partnership, Competition or Co-evolution?”, 5/6 March, Beijing
AUSTERMANN F. (2010), Unitary Actor? Perceptions of China’s Role in Africa Across EU Institutions”, International Conference “The EU and China. Partners or Competitors in Africa?, 4/5 February, Bruges/Belgium
AUSTERMANN F. (2009), Towards a ‘Unitary Actor’? Perceptions of China’s Role in Africa Across EU Institutions, International Conference “China and the EU: Concord or Conflict?”, 9.-10. December, Groningen/ Netherlands
AUSTERMANN F. (2009), Towards a Sustainable Chinese Economy: Can the European Model of CSR Help Improve Labour Standards in China?”; International Workshop “Prospects and Challenges for EU-China Relations in the 21st Century: the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement”, 3/4 April, Bruges/ Belgium.
AUSTERMANN F. 17.12.2007. “Die Französische Praktikanten-Organisation ‘Génération Précaire’.” Jena, Germany, Universität Jena Workshop: Eine génération précaire im Osten? Die Verunsicherung und Selbstdeutungen von Jugendlichen nach dem Systemumbruch.

Autres conférences / Other conferences

AUSTERMANN F. 30.11.2012. “The EU Delegations’ Role in Centralizing European Diplomacy Worldwide.” Shanghai, China, Nordic Centre Conference at Fudan University: The European Union as a Political and Economic Environment.
AUSTERMANN F. (2012), The Role of European Union Delegations in EU External Relations: Lessons from China and Beyond”, 42nd Annual Conference of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES): “Exchanging Ideas on Europe”, 3-5 September, Passau/Germany.
AUSTERMANN F. (2011), Participant in the panel on “Geo-politics, Asian Security and International Organisations, International Conference: “The Rise of China and its Changing Image in the Global System”, 2-5 June 2011, Hong Kong

Autres types de contribution / Other contributions

AUSTERMANN F. (2012), Towards Embassies for Europe? EU Delegations in the Union’s Diplomatic System, European Diplomacy Policy Papers, January 2012.
AUSTERMANN F. (2011), Keynote speaker for the Cluster session on “World Multi-Polarity and the Role of Regional Organisations”, Organised by the European Commission/ EU Delegation to China, 22 October 2011, Beijing
AUSTERMANN F. (2011), Round-table discussant; organised by the Tsinghua-Groningen Research Centre for China-EU Relations, 21 October 2011, Beijing
AUSTERMANN F. (2010), One Voice in Beijing? EU Diplomacy One Year After Lisbon”,EU Observer, daily online magazine on EU affairs, 13 December.
AUSTERMANN F. (2007), Bridging Short Term Business Profits and Long Term Social Development“, A Different View, N° 15, June.


Affiliations professionnelles / Professional affiliations

Member of the University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES)
Member of the Network Management Board of the UACES EU-China Collaborative Research Network (CRN)
Member of the European Union Studies Association (EUSA)
Reviewer for the Journal of Chinese Politics


Chercheur Associé / Research Associate – ESSCA School of Management
2014-today – Head of Campus & Lecturer – International School of Management
2012-2014 – Program Director & Assistant Professor  – ESSCA School of Management, Campus Shanghai
2009-today – Guest lecturer / freelance peer reviewer & online course developer –  Various institutions: Long Island University, Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business, National University of Vietnam, Fudan University (Shanghai), Renmin University of China, Freie Universität Berlin, National University of Singapore
2011-2014 – Senior Associate ThinkIn – China, Beijing-based NGO
2010-2012 – Editor-in-chief, Europe section – European Daily (start-up Online Tageszeitung)
2008-2009 Lecturer in European Studies – Maastricht University, Department of Political Science

Last revised: 20150116