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Practical Information - Les Thermes Budapest ESSCAWith nearly 2 million inhabitants and 10,000 companies, Hungary’s capital is influential throughout Central Europe, a region of significant economic growth.  France is the third investor and its top corporations are active in Hungary.

As early as 1989, ESSCA anticipated the changes in Eastern Europe by creating a unique graduate degree in France, the Specialized Master program in “East-West Exchange Management”.  This degree was designed to provide a multicultural public with a global vision of the transformations underway in Central and Eastern Europe.

The first French Business “Grande Ecole” in Budapest since 1993, each year, ESSCA trains more than 150 students of over 20 nationalities in the marketing, finance and management professions.  Through continued education, it assists Hungarian employees in meeting the challenges caused by Europe’s expansion.  It also meets the needs of French companies in Hungary and the aspirations of its students.

Thanks to its Budapest site, ESSCA Grande Ecole Students may spend one or two semesters of courses or training in Central Europe.