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One of the strengths of “Grande Ecole” education is its ability to identify and sustain relations with those who share the same culture because they attended the same institution.

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Strength is in numbers

Belonging to a network means having the power to gather, exchange, and support each other. It means counting on a group of diverse personalities joined together in a common quest.

The ESSCA Alumni Network

  • includes more than 12,800 men and women like you, with whom you share your education, career goals, but most of all, your values;
  • is an exceptional network of contacts for your entire career, with the cohesion of a family based on the interests of each individual and each person’s commitment to one another.

Becoming a member of the ESSCA Alumni Network

  • allows you to maintain your relations with the ESSCA family you joined at the beginning of your studies;
  • provides you with a broad, regularly updated list of contacts;
  • grants you access to new career management and/or business tools, networking, lobbying, coaching …
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