A Company


Corporate Recognition

Many companies are loyal to ESSCA, including some with which we have created partnerships. In this context, the school and the company define a schedule of actions every year for dedicated programmes and students. These partnerships provide companies with high visibility.

2 They already trust us


Identification of potential “connection” points and common values

Communication and recruitment

  • Student participation in the company: internships and hiring of young graduates
  • Participation in ESSCA’s corporate forums
  • Testimonials of professionals at roundtables and conferences
  • Participation in the admission exam jury
  • Class sponsorships
  • Business games (that are a part of the programme)

Support for academic activities

  • Collaboration between specialised corporate managers and professors in the context of classes
  • Projects conducted by students for the company under the supervision of a professor

Steering committee for the education and research chairs

  • Joint reflection on the quality and relevance of the programmes in light of market needs, as well as hiring and development issues
  • Realisation and publication of specific research studies