Professors & Research

Faculty list

Permanent faculty, with highest academic qualifications and international experience, teach on the different ESSCA campuses, in French and in English. Every year,

40 academically qualified visiting faculty from partner institutions join them in the various programs offered by ESSCA.

Their dedication and availability facilitate students involvement within the school and encourage them to develop their potential.

They are assisted by an adjunct faculty of more than 370 lecturers and international experts.

NameAcademic Department 
AGAFONOW AlejandroManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
AKHABBAR AmanarManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
AKHTER NaveedStrategies and Markets2 CV
ANQUETIL AlainManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
ARREOLA FernandaStrategies and Markets2 CV
AUSTERMANN FraukeInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
AYOUB SamirFinance2 CV
BACHAR KaddourManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
BARBIER Jean-YvesManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
BARNES PamelaInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
BATNINI FirasFinance2 CV
BAYO EmmanuelManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
BALLANDONNE MatthieuManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
BEN CHEIKH NidhaleddineInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
BEN HMIDEN OussamaFinance2 CV
BEN SLIMANE IkrameFinance2 CV
BENKHODJA TaharManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
BERTRAND Jean-LouisFinance2 CV
BONIZEC Jean-MichelManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
BOULAY JacquesStrategies and Markets2 CV
BREE JoelStrategies and Markets2 CV
CABRAS IgnazioInternational Studies and Business 2 CV
CAEMMERER BarbaraStrategies and Markets2 CV
CALVEZ VincentManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
CATTAN JALLET RoxaneManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
CHEN JinzhaoInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
DAVIDESCU Elena SimonaInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
DE FAULTRIER BrigitteStrategies and Markets2 CV
DE FRIAS ConchitaLanguages2 CV
DE MIGUEL VALLES ArantxaLanguages2 CV
DELAPLACE ChristelleLearning Assistance Center2 CV
DELI-GRAY ZsuzsaStrategies and Markets2 CV
DENERIER CarolFinance2 CV
DJERBI ZouhairFinance2 CV
DETCHENIQUE GuillaumeStrategies and Markets2 CV
DIMITROVA AnnaInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
DURAND XavierFinance2 CV
DUTERTRE EmmanuelleManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
ESCUDERO YERRO AlejandroInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
ESSIG ElenaManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
EVENSEN PaulLanguages2 CV
FAUVY StéphaneManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
FEENSTRA FlorenceStrategies and Markets2 CV
FERRÉ FrançoiseFinance2 CV
FORGANNI AntonellaManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
FOUILLET CyrilManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
FOURNIER RaphaëlManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
GABARRET InesStrategies and Markets2 CV
GANGLOFF FlorenceFinance2 CV
GAVOILLE FranckManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
HANED NacibaManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
HANNACHI MariemStrategies and Markets2 CV
HARRIET LoïcManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
HEITZ Jean-MichelManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
HOERBER ThomasInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
HOFAIDHLLAOUI MarhaneManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
HOSSEINALI-MIRZA VenusStrategies and Markets2 CV
ICHIKAWA SabineManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
JACQUEMIN AmélieStrategies and Markets2 CV
JOUNY-RIVIER ÉlodieStrategies and Markets2 CV
JULIEN BernardStrategies and Markets2 CV
JUSTEAU StéphaneInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
JUSTIN JoëlFinance2 CV
KERNEVEZ LydiaInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
KÖPPING ATHANASOPOULOS HaraldInternational Studies and Business 2 CV
KOUKI ChaabenStrategies and Markets2 CV
LACAM Jean-SébastienStrategies and Markets2 CV
LE BAIL HélèneInternational Business2 CV
LAIRET GwenaëlleStrategies and Markets2 CV
LEBLANC CatherineManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
LEMOINE Jean-FrançoisStrategies and Markets2 CV
LESAGE XavierStrategies and Markets2 CV
LICCHELLI OrianaManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
LOCHARD-ROEWER AnneloreLanguages2 CV
LOUHICHI WaëlFinance2 CV
MALEK FatenStrategies and Markets2 CV
MARCHAND PhilippeManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
MASOU RoulaManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
MARTIN PascalManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
MAUCUER RaphaëlStrategies and Markets2 CV
MEFTEH-WALI SalmaFinance2 CV
MILES WendyLanguages2 CV
MOALLA EmnaInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
MORISSE BenjaminStrategies and Markets2 CV
MOURICOU PhilippeStrategies and Markets2 CV
MSOLLI BadreddineFinance2 CV
MUSSON AnneManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
NOBLET Jean-PierreManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
NOUVEL DominiqueStrategies and Markets2 CV
OTERO-IGLESIAS MiguelInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
PACITTO Jean-ClaudeStrategies and Markets2 CV
PHILIPPAS DionisisFinance2 CV
POUTIER ElizabethStrategies and Markets2 CV
PRIETO MarcStrategies and Markets2 CV
RAAB SakinaStrategies and Markets2 CV
RANC DavidInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
RABY BernardLanguages2 CV
RECH MaximilianInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
RENAUD AlexandreStrategies and Markets2 CV
RESTA-SCHWEITZER MarcelaLearning Assistance Center2 CV
SADIK-ROZSNYAI OrsolyaStrategies and Markets2 CV
SALVADOR ElisaManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
SCHIER GuillaumeFinance2 CV
SHEN WeiInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
SLIM AssenInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
SONG Ling FangStrategies and Markets2 CV
SONNTAG AlbrechtInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
SOPARNOT RichardStrategies and Markets2 CV
STAN ValentinaStrategies and Markets2 CV
STEVENS EricStrategies and Markets2 CV
SZILAS Roland FerencManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
TADDEI Jean-ClaudeStrategies and Markets2 CV
TOARNICZKY AndreaManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
VATTEVILLE EricManagement and Corporate Environment2 CV
VIDIANI BrunoLanguages2 CV
WEBER GabrielInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV
XIDONAS PanosFinance2 CV
ZARKA FabriceFinance2 CV
ZHAO WeiInternational Studies and Business Department2 CV