Testimonial from an ESSCA’s international student

November 2, 2016, Appointments News
Testimonial from an ESSCA's international student

Find out a testimonial from an ESSCA’s international student, with a double nationality Italian and Mexican. He is studying at Angers for his Master degree with a Major in Entrepreneurship.

Testimonial from an ESSCA's international student

“This experience in ESSCA was an opportunity given to me thanks to an agreement with them and my home university in Mexico. For me it was remarkable to have this chance of a double-degree program, and this was the idea I had when i started this adventure. I had a lot of questions and had to put a lot of effort on it, as well as making big sacrifices. I started my first semester in Budapest, which I can say it was an amazing experience, not only for the good academic content but for the great personal growth. The staff in ESSCA was always helpful and available, and the program was full of excellent students and professors, most of which also became great friends. Budapest also proved to be an incredible and magical place, it was totally worth it to spend a semester studying there.

As my experience went on, I changed campus for my next semester and thanks to this I discovered the beautiful city of Angers in France. I received a lot of support from ESSCA here as well, the international department is very careful with the newcomers and there were a lot of activities organised for the international students, it was awesome to get along so well with the other exchange students. The main campus in Angers is also very complete and well organised. In ESSCA they cared about what the students have to say and I’ve felt a strong sense of companionship in Master level. Overall, I think that this has been an enriching life experience, I’ve learned a lot from the amazing people, from the school and from life itself. I’m very thankful with everyone here! ”

Riccardo Maccaferri

Marie de Foucard (ESSCA 1998) joins Richard Attias & Associates

May 2, 2016, Appointments News
Marie de FOUCAUD (ESSCA 1998) rejoint Richard Attias & Associates

Marie de FOUCAUD (ESSCA 1998) rejoint Richard Attias & AssociatesMarie de Foucard is the new director of Marketing and Communication at Richard Attias & Associates in New York.

She is in charge of overseeing public relations strategies, developing digital platforms, managing editorial content and managing societal networks.

Marie de Foucard started her career in New York at Nike Communications, a public relations company. Before joining this new company in March 2016, she was the director of international communication and a member of the executive committee at Boucheron International.

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Prof. JOUNY RIVIER published an article (Rang 2 CNRS)

March 11, 2016, Appointments
Prof. JOUNY RIVIER published an article in Recherche et Applications en Marketing (Rang 2 CNRS)

Prof. JOUNY RIVIER published an article in Recherche et Applications en Marketing (Rang 2 CNRS)

Prof. JOUNY RIVIER published an article in Recherche et Applications en Marketing (Rang 2 CNRS)

« Les facteurs explicatifs de la prédisposition des entreprises à co-créer un service B2B »

Co-creation, i.e. the involvement of customers in the different stages of the new product development process, is increasingly viewed as an effective strategy to improve the new service success rate.

However, many companies remain reluctant to co-create with customers. Therefore, one question arises: why are some companies willing to co-create when others are less disposed to do so?

The findings of an empirical study among 175 service providers indicate that the main drivers of the willingness to co-create are the customer benefits expected by a company.

The perception of these customer benefits is essentially influenced by relational factors such as the company’s prior use of collaborative tools and trust between partners.

International Conference

February 19, 2016, Appointments
Prof Wei Shen et le Dr Alejandro Escudero représenteront l’ESSCA lors de la conférence internationale de l’Apaie

New models of cooperation in research engagement and education mobility for the 2020’s

Prof Wei Shen et le Dr Alejandro Escudero représenteront l’ESSCA lors de la conférence internationale de l’Apaie

Prof. Wei Shen and Dr Alejandro Escudero will represent the ESSCA during the International Conference of Apaie (Asia-Pacific Association For International Education)

This year, the Apaie Conference will take place in Melbourne, Australia, from 29th of February to 4th of March. Do not hesitate to contact the ESSCA international team, if you want to meet their representatives.

An ESSCA graduate starts up his own firm … In Hong Kong

February 16, 2016, Appointments News
A sa sortie de l'ESSCA il crée sa société à Hong Kong, Alexandre Monsarrat (ESSCA 2012)

A sa sortie de l'ESSCA il crée sa société à Hong Kong, Alexandre Monsarrat (ESSCA 2012)


Alexandre Monsarrat (ESSCA 2012) has lived in Asia for several years and has just started up his company, Cépages du monde in Hong Kong.

Upon graduation, Alexandre first started up a line of swimwear, but then quickly cottoned on to the new interest of the Chinese for French wines, and is now a wine consultant for restaurants in Hong Kong.





December 3, 2015, Appointments News
Un étudiant de l'ESSCA part à la rencontre d'entrepreneurs français en Asie
Interviewé par Le Figaro Etudiant, Louis Bommelaer, qui termine cette année son cursus en Entrepreneuriat à l’ESSCA d’Angers, raconte son aventure en Asie.

Louis Bommelear (à gauche) part à la découverte d’entrepreneurs français installés en Asie

Interviewed by Le Figaro’s student edition, Louis Bommelaer, in his final semester majoring in Entrepreneurship at ESSCA’s home campus in Angers, France, was able to tell the story of his adventures in Asia. Following his last semester internship, and despite having already found a position, he made the choice of going to meet with French entrepreneurs throughout Asia.

On his blog and his Facebook page, Louis Bommelaer drew the portraits of entrepreneurs that he met during his journey. With short videos, he tells about their projects and personal stories.

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Benoît de Dieuleveult has been appointed sales director of electrolux

January 24, 2014, Appointments News
Benoît de DIEULEVEULT - ESSCA 1995

Benoît de DIEULEVEULT - ESSCA 1995Benoit de Dieuleveult (ESSCA class of 1995) has been named sales director of major appliances for Electrolux Home Products France.

Thanks to this nomination, he takes over the sales development and strategy of the group for all big-box retailing and sales team supervision in France.

A graduate of ESSCA, Benoit de Dieuleveult, 41, began his career at Philips Electronics Consumer as sales representative in the sound and vision division.

In 1999, his joined Nikon as key account manager before becoming sales director in 2004, then director of the digital image-photo division in 2007.

Source:  www.actionco.fr, November 18, 2013