Grading System

The grading system is absolute in France, while in most of the other countries, it is relative to the rest of the class.

At ESSCA, grades are out of 20 with a pass mark of 10. Credits are awarded to students obtaining 10 and above. Grades higher than 16/20 are seldom awarded

The following table, based on an analysis of 41,392 grades, gives you an idea of the distribution of these grades between 10 and 20.

Excellent Student - exceeds expectations - Outstanding Performance with only minor errors20-190,43 %3,76 %
18.99-181,09 %
17.99-172,23 %
Good Student - exceeds main expectations - Above the average standard but with some errors16.99-164,47 %26,46 %
15.99-158,42 %
14.99-1413,56 %
Above average student - Exceeds some expectations - Fair but with a number of notable errors13.99-1319, 53 %40,61 %
12.99-1221,09 %
Average Student - meets expectations -Performance meets the minimum criteria11.99-1117,09 %29,17 %
10.99-1012,08 %

In addition, ESSCA uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for the allocation of credits to all courses, as well as the ECTS grade conversion scale, explained in the table below.

ECTS grade% of successful students
achieving the grade
B25Very good
FXFail - some work required to pass
FFail - considerable work needed to pass