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2015 saw the launch of the new Erasmus + programme and the extension of mobility funding outside of the EU. It was within this context that ESSCA made its successful bid for International Credit Mobilty grants with its partner university in Colombia, ICESI. A double degree agreement at Master level was signed and so far, 8 Colombian students have been able to study in France with Erasmus scholarships. Faculty and administrative staff mobility have also been funded enabling the strengthening of relations between the two institutions and the beginning of research cooperation between Finance professors.

The Colombian students are very positive about the experience as witnessed by the feedback below:

Feedbacks from ICESI MASTER Students – Academic year 2016/17

Cesar ALOMIA –  International Student at ESSCA

First I need to say that at this age I never thought that I would get a scholarship and even less possible seemed to be that it was going to be in a different country. I really appreciate what Erasmus is doing and I feel really proud to be part of this program.

Arriving in France:
I had never been in France before so everything was new for me. I was excited about Paris, about traveling all over Europe, about learning history and arts, etc. But regarding Angers, I had no expectations, I wanted to be surprised to whatever I could found in here.

My first thought when I arrived to Angers was that this was a lonely village but it made sense because it was still summer and none of the universities were working already.

Once we started meeting people, once we participated in all the activities with the welcome team we felt like this was going to be a wonderful experience.

Since then, Angers has been the greatest place I could have chosen to live during my master program. This city offers everything what students need without the rush and the costs of big cities such like Paris.

One of the things that I like the most of ESSCA is that all of our teachers (at least for the Major in Consumer Goods Marketing Program) work for really important companies and it immediately creates a state of mind of responsibility, expectations for what the jobs will be for us, appreciation for the information and many other things that enrich our experience as students.

French students have been just great with us; when it is about creating work groups, they are the most interested of mixing with us and feeling included by them is something nice.

Daily Life:
I would have loved to come here knowing the French language. I did not because I thought that everyone here would talk me in English but it is not that way. Language has been my most difficult obstacle to handle but I am working to learn faster.

It has been a really good experience and I feel really thankful to ESSCA, to ERASMUS and to this great country for everything that has been given to me.

Soffi ARIAS – International Student at ESSCA

“Being an ERASMUS student is really amazing to get to know different people from many countries with different cultures in one beautiful city like Angers, and to study in a prestigious Ecole. When I arrived I felt really welcome to the city because ESSCA assigned a group of students to receive and to guide us in the city, to get the principal elements that we should know and also to help us to meet all the other new students and get used to everything related to Essca. Angers is a small city and offers a great environment for student. The transportation is easy, the city gives you the possibility to have a bicycle for the time you are studying, there are good options to rent a place to live, it is a not an expensive city and it has many convenience stores to get all that we need. Actually coming to France 4 months ago has been a priceless experience”.


Ivan VASQUEZ SANCLEMENTE – International Student at ESSCA

It’s been three months since I arrived in Angers to do my double degree agreement Master with my home university Icesi (Cali, Colombia) and ESSCA (Angers, France), thanks to ERASMUS sponsorship. Three months has given me a small but fully-lived sample of this unique experience of ten months. And I say unique because it is an experience full of opportunities to get good academic knowledge, to meet excellent people from many countries, and to discover the greatness of France in its geography, its language and its people and culture.

In three months living in Angers I have had the opportunity of visiting Lyon, Toulon, Nantes, and the Atlantic coast, in some cases I have travelled alone to visit old French friends that I met year ago in Spain and in other cases I have travelled with my friends from ESSCA. I hope to visit many more cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Marseilles, and Nice.

Regarding my daily life, I have to say that I have found a small but evolved city full of beautiful places which offer me all I need to live happily and comfortably. I really appreciate the fact of having my own bike lent by the same city, as well as the great public transport system. Additionally, personally I like the night life and I love the French food.

Although I came here with a minimum knowledge of the language, and I have not an intensive course of French, I have tried to study by myself and I feel satisfied with my progress, however there is still a lot to learn but my will is getting bigger, as I am getting more and more in love with France.

Andres Felipe JIMENEZ PIZARRO – International Student at ESSCA

Angers, The First Few Months

Andres Felipe JIMENEZ PIZARROI am a thirty-eight year old creative copywriter who has worked in advertising for the past 15 years. That alone makes the entire “back to college” experience both an exciting and a terrifying experience.
But as it turned out, this past few months have followed the “exciting” path with lots of constructive and surprising experiences. Those experiences have taught me a lot of things not only about France and the European market, but also about myself both as a marketer and as a person.

If I could take back something to my country it would be the French business ethics and efficiency based on facts that tend to influence every business practice. On the other hand, I could bring some of the creative recursiveness that my country has developed and could be of use in this beautiful country.

And as an individual all I can say is that I am pleasantly surprised by the kindness, solidarity and generosity of each and everyone I have met here. While the content of the courses will remain in my brain, the people of Angers will hold a very special place in my heart.


Juan TAMAYO – International Student at ESSCA

Arrival in France was great. The weather was still warm and the days were long. At first I was a bit scared, I got to Angers before classes started and all the students hadn’t arrived, so the city was empty, ghost town empty, and for the first two days I thought i had made a big mistake and moved to the most boring town in the world. But then all the students started to arrive, and from one week to the next the town changed. After that, it became really lively.

Then classes started. Essca was really good at organising our welcoming week, and giving all of us international students opportunities to get to know one another.

For me the actual classes came with a noticeable difference from what I was used to. I found myself with people from all around the world, all a lot younger than me. That took a bit of getting used to, but more to the idea than anything else. Classes have gone really well, giving me a more hands-on approach at marketing that what I already had.

Other than school and the city, I am loving the food. Cheese, butter, bread, and deli meats. It´s a lot of what I love. I wish my French were better, or that I was getting more frequent French lessons, because at times I feel like I live in a bubble. Not quite here, not quite there. In France but constantly with the international students. I guess with better French, I could break the bubble with more ease.

All in all, my time here has been great. Happy, profitable and enriching.

So far… so good.

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