A publication in Harvard Business Review

A publication in Harvard Business Review

Jean-Louis Bertrand and Miia Parnaudeau, Professors of finance, have just published a paper in Harvard Business Review that summarizes their most recent research on the impact of weather variability on sales, profits and more generally on the financial health of the 70% of companies worldwide exposed to weather risks. The authors stress the urgent need for companies to measure and disclose to investors the potential losses caused by adverse weather to which they are exposed.



With climate change, the number and the intensity of abnormal weather patterns have dramatically increased. Their research offers corporate risk managers the opportunity to evaluate their potential exposure to weather risks and structure bespoke weather index-based financial hedging instruments that fit their risk and strategy.

This publication is an important recognition of their research that reaches out to a wide audience of CEOs and researchers around the world, for whom Harvard Business Review is considered one of the most prestigious management review.

1 – https://hbr.org/2017/09/severe-weather-threatens-businesses-its-time-to-measure-and-disclose-the-risks​