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ESSCA offers 5 specialisations in English within its Grande Ecole programme, alternating between ESSCA’s campuses in Angers, Budapest, Shanghai and a joint Master with Antwerp Management School:

major-in-international-businessMajor in International Business

major-in-consumer-goods-marketingMajor in Consumer Goods Marketing

major-in-entrepreneurshipMajor in Entrepreneurship






major-in-corporate-financeMajor in Corporate Finance

master-of-china-europe-business-studiesMaster of China-Europe Business Studies






Applicants wishing to study in French will find information on the French pages of the website.

Examination registration fee: 130 euros

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2014 Calendar
Friday, November 15, 2013Registration opens
Monday, july 7, 2014Registration closes
December 2013 to June 2014Interviews
March 2014First Jury - Admission results
May 20142nd Jury - Admission results
June 2014 3rd Jury - Admission results
July 2014Last Jury - Admission results


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