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ESSCA offers 7 specialisations in English within its Grande Ecole programme, alternating between ESSCA’s campuses in Angers, Budapest, Shanghai and a joint Master with Antwerp Management School:

major-in-international-businessMajor in International Business

major-in-consumer-goods-marketingMajor in Consumer Goods Marketing

major-in-entrepreneurshipMajor in Entrepreneurship






major-in-corporate-financeMajor in Corporate Financial Management

master-of-china-europe-business-studiesMaster of China-Europe Business Studies

Brand Marketing and retailing in china - ESSCAMajor in Brand Marketing & Retailing in China






Major in Banking and Financial EngineeringMajor in Banking and Financial Engineering






Applicants wishing to study in French will find information on the French pages of the website.

Examination registration fee: 130 euros

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2016 Calendar
November 2, 2015Registration opens
June 13, 2016Registration closes


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